Edible Animal Cell Science Project

My oldest daughter recently had an assignment in her biology class to make either an edible plant or animal cell. She chose to make an animal cell and this is what she created.

Edible Animal Cell Science Project

If you are interested in knowing more about how she made this model of an animal cell I will share the details with you.

My daughter chose to use rice crispy treats as the base and used red food coloring to color the base (Cytoplasm) pink.

Edible Animal Cell 2

She formed the base into an oval and then wrapped a fruit roll up around the sides to serve as the cell membrane.

Edible Animal Cell 3

I rarely buy candy so it was strange to fill up my cart with so much junk food. :)

Edible Animal Cell 1

I purchased icing, chocolate cupcakes, 2 kinds of sprinkles, starlight mints, fruit slice candy, spaghetti, M&M’s, gum by the foot, 2 kinds of pearl candies (in the cake decorating isle), and food coloring.

She used the icing as glue to attach everything.

Edible Animal Cell 4

To finish off this project my daughter typed labels in Word and printed two of each. She first typed the name of each part and then the definition.

She placed them together on toothpicks and then placed them on the cell to show the parts.

Here are the parts of the cell and what we used to represent them.

Edible Animal Cell 

  • Cytoplasm: Rice Crispy Treats
  • Cell Membrane: Fruit Roll Up
  • Mitochondria: Starlight Mints
  • Vacuoles: Small Blue Candies
  • Lysosomes: Red M&M’s
  • Microtubules: Long Sprinkles
  • Ribosomes: Tiny Sprinkles
  • Vesicles: Orange M&M’s
  • Golgi Apparatus: Gum by the Foot
  • Centrioles: Broken Spaghetti Rubber-banded Together
  • Nucleus: Chocolate Cupcake Cut in Half
  • Nucleolus: The Cream Filling of a Chocolate Cupcake Cut in Half
  • Smooth ER: Orange Fruit Slice Candy
  • Rough ER: Yellow Fruit Slice Candy with Icing and Tiny Sprikles on Top (Ribosomes)

My daughter got 100% on this project and I am proud of how hard she worked.

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    Excellent work.

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