{Letter A} Alligators

Letter A-Alligator

Today my 4 year old son and I started our first alphabet letter study of the school year by doing some alligator activities to go with the letter A. We read the book Zack's Alligator  by Shirley Mozelle. The book is about a boy named Zack who receives an alligator keychain from his uncle in the mail with the instructions to water her. When Zack places the alligator in the water she turns … [Read more...]

A is for Alligator

  Today we started studying the letter A.  We made the short "a" sound, learned the sign language letter "A", and pretended to be airplanes soaring and making the sound for short "a".  Then we made alligators out of the letter "A". I found the idea at No Time for Flashcards, and had everything ready before we began.  (Here is the direct link to this project.)  The teeth were cut, they … [Read more...]