{Letter A} Apple Lapbook


Today we worked from the apple lapbook I made with my son. He is loving the activities and as I am typing this post he is working on one of them right beside me. :) To make the lapbook I made 3 pockets out of red cardstock and laminated them. Then I laminated a letter A tracing page that I had attached to a piece of red paper. I also printed and laminated the apple finger play that we … [Read more...]

{Letter A} Apple Painting


My children have always loved to paint. My 4 year old is no exception and he was very excited when I told him he was going to paint with apples today. I cut an apple in half and then we pushed a large popsicle stick into the center. I have been doing this for several years now and makes painting with apples so much easier. My son painted a file folder which will become an apple … [Read more...]

{Letter A} Apples


Today my son and I did some apple themed activities. We first read the book Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins which is a favorite apple book of ours. The book is great for helping children learn to count to ten and they seem to love the rhyming, funny sounds, and animals. Before reading the book I gave my son 10 apples with numbers on them. I asked him to put them in the correct … [Read more...]

Sunday School Crafts: Apple Tree with Snake

TP Tube Apple Tree 3

The second story in The Jesus Storybook Bible is about Adam and Eve (Genesis 3). The chapter is called "The Terrible Lie". To help the children remember the story we made apple trees with snakes wrapped around the trunk. You can see the first craft we made to go along with the book by clicking here. The trees we made had toilet paper tubes as the base and pipe cleaners as the snake, or … [Read more...]

Letter A Folders

Today we finished up our study of the letter "A", the color red, and apples. We will still talk about red and the letter "A", but we will focus on the color blue and the letter "B" next week. When we did our apple painting last week I had the children paint the outside of some file folders to use for the projects shown above. (See post here.) I had seen some really good ideas from 1+1+1=1 … [Read more...]

Apple Activities

Today was another apple day with my preschoolers. We read the book Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins again and used the numbered apples like we did in this post. Then we made the apples pictured above using the idea I found here. We used red paper (our color of the week), plain white paper plates, glue, a small brown paper stem, and a green paper leaf. Instead of tearing all the paper I allowed … [Read more...]

A is for Apple

  Friday we had a great time with apples and the color red.  We started by reading the story Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins.  The children really responded to the repetitive nature of the story.  To teach number recognition and help tell the story I wrote the numbers 1 through 10 on some paper apples.  Each time an animal in the story ate an apple I would take away one of the apples I had … [Read more...]