{Letter B} Bears

Letter B Bear

Today we started our study of the letter B by doing some bear themed activities. We read the book Corduroy by Don Freeman to get us started. I remember reading this book as a little girl. Some time later we went to a store and I remember spending my own money to buy a teddy bear with an eye missing because I felt sorry for him like I did for Corduroy missing his button. :) After reading the … [Read more...]

Letter B Activities

Today we finished our study of the letter "B" and the color blue. I sent home the blue folders I had helped the children make. The outside of the folder was painted with blue bubbles. (See post here for instructions.) Inside the folder I put their letter "B" mini books from First School, a copy of the rhyme Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, a bear paper with their name on it, the numbers 1-10, … [Read more...]

B is for Bear

Today we completed more letter "B" activities. We started off by reading the book Corduroy by Don Freeman. It is a cute story about a little toy bear who tries to find his missing button in the department store where he is for sale. After our story we chanted the rhyme below and acted out the motions. The children liked it so much we did it twice and another time before they went home. Teddy … [Read more...]