{Letter A} Apples


Today my son and I did some apple themed activities. We first read the book Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins which is a favorite apple book of ours. The book is great for helping children learn to count to ten and they seem to love the rhyming, funny sounds, and animals. Before reading the book I gave my son 10 apples with numbers on them. I asked him to put them in the correct … [Read more...]

S is for Sun and Snake

Today we started our study of the letter "S".  My 5 year old son is sick so he had to stay upstairs instead of participate in our preschool activities.  It wasn't the same without him, but that is why I am working out of my home.  I can still teach while taking care of a sick child.  This is a huge blessing.  Anyway, here are some of the activities the other preschoolers completed. We … [Read more...]

G is for Goat

Today was our last day of preschool for the week because Friday is a day off for our local schools. So, I am taking the day off as well. While it will be nice to have a day off I found it tough to get everything covered that I wanted this week. Hopefully, the children have an understanding of the letter "G" and the color orange now. I sent home their folders today. On Monday the children … [Read more...]